Going Shopping from your Holiday Villas Koh Samui

If you choose Holiday villas Koh Samui for your next holiday, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for a bit of retail therapy.

“Guilty. Like most of my fellow Malaysians, I love shopping”, writes Intan Maizura Ahmad Kamal. Here, she discovers the delights of shopping in one of the busiest areas on Koh Samui, easily accessible from your holiday villas Koh Samui

Lively Chaweng is heaven-sent. Situated on the east coast of the island of Koh Samui and a mere 10 minutes drive from Koh Samui airport, this place is considered a shoppers’ paradise with hundreds of street stalls, shops, and restaurants. There’s a wider variety of items all in one area compared to anywhere else on the island. Local handicrafts such as batik, beautiful soap carvings, paintings and silver jewellery are everywhere.

Holiday Villas Koh SamuiTake your pick from inexpensive local clothing to some very convincing designer copies. Clothes, handbags, shoes, watches, sunglasses, DVDs — the range is amazing and you don’t need to walk far.

I went berserk at the sight of all the Ed Hardy and Versace tops that seemed to be the staple in almost every shop along the main road. The material is surprisingly of good quality and prices are definitely cheaper than that of say, Petaling Street or Feringghi in Penang for similar ware.

On the subject of prices, Chaweng’s are significantly higher than anywhere else.

“You can get that red Ed Hardy for half the price in Bangkok,” points out Ark, a lovely new Thai friend I made on this trip. I’m told the reason behind the discrepancy is because rent is high here, which means that shopkeepers have to hike up their asking prices.

Having said that, NEVER settle for the “asking prices”. You’re expected to haggle and bargain. As a general rule, aim for around 50 per cent of the first asking price. You may not get it but at least you can negotiate from there!

The markets in Koh Samui are also worth a visit. You’ll see things that’ll have you reaching for your camera — unusual fruits that can be bigger than your head, and lots of things that crawl. Awesome!

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