SailQuest Koh Samui Regatta May 2012 – Koh Samui villa rentals

Thailand’s SailQuest Sailing School is to organise a series of exciting boat races at the SailQuest Koh Samui Regatta in May 2012.

It gets started on May 26th and runs through to June 5th, combining on-the-water competitions and festivities with a number of shore-based tie-in celebrations.

The regatta itself is held between May 29th and June 2nd, with the remaining days dedicated to transporting participants back and forth from the Ocean Marina in Pattaya, where the SailQuest school is based.

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A number of different classes of boat will compete in the lavish event, with scoring decided by an international jury and various prizes available to be won.

Those wishing to take part in the Koh Samui-based regatta portion of the event only can do so for a fee of 18,000 baht (£365.60), which includes the cost of entry to the various parties, as well as access to refreshments and equipment.

SailQuest Sailing School was founded by Captain Tim McMahon with the aim of teaching people about the world of yachting, which is a key objective of this regatta.

Full details can be found at

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